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Rachel Reeves
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Hi Harmony,

Thought you might benefit from knowing that there are soloists out there who have set up an office away from home. Either because they knew it would be tough for them personally to keep on task if they were in their own home office, or they preferred to keep work and personal separate.

If you haven’t already you might like to think about putting together a business plan. This will assist you in realising, and making your business goals more concrete and more achievable. Maybe you decide that your dream would be to own a business that you can take with you, but your preference would be to work in an office setup. Work this into your business plan – then make it happen. If you decide you don’t want to work Wednesday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s, gradually as you build up your client base you might let them know your business hours, or maybe you will along the way come across a fantastic support person that you decide to subcontract work to on these days.

The great thing about owning a business is that it gives you potters rights – you can shape and mould it in any way you desire! Think big and think outside the square!

Hope this helps :)