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Adam Randall, post: 1208 wrote:
Thats beyond impressive, is that on the servers or workstations as well?
I have to get my hard drives from where you are shopping, we get a 5-10% failure rate on that component alone over a 3 year period.

That statistic is across the whole network including Servers and Workstations.

Redundancy is the key.

Really when I look at it, hard drives are the least of our concerns within our customer networks and as you would know disks are just one of many components to take into consideration when setting up a high availability network.

I think sticking to good quality equipment with proven brands and models is absolutely critical. Our philosophy is avoid cheap n’ nasty equipment at all costs. If we think we have to use substandard equipment because of a price sensative customer, then we don’t take on the job.

Short term cash gains just to win a project are not worth the long term pain you’ll ultimately face when it fails. Not to mention the IT provider is the one to looks incompetent when something goes wrong – even if it does come to down to the fact that you can’t prevent a product from failing – but the very fact that the provider recommended or even endorsed the product in the first place.

Classic example, we walk into businesses looking for a new IT provider, in 98% of cases we see consumer grade equipment used even in the 10 – 30 SME space – cheap routers, cheap switches, white-box computers – stuff that’s meant for mum’s and dad’s at home but not adequate for a business that commands reliability.