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Rachel Reeves
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word and web, post: 1185 wrote:
…it is a bit of a concern when your body clock has become perfectly attuned to staying awake until 1am around 4 nights a week. sure, i am a mum and i’m used to wierd sleeping patterns now, but i know this is not healthy!

What’s wrong with staying up to 1 in the morning… anyone? I’m a bit of a night owl :) I tend to slog through it and actually do my best work in the evenings. On the other hand if you decide to visit around 7 or 8 in the morning be prepared to possibly meet cranky hour at my place.

I think its good practise to review rates once a year in order to keep up with inflation. If you feel that nows the right time to put them up then go for it! If you are looking to put them up a larger amount you could try to ease your current clients into it by putting them up in a couple of smaller increments instead of one big one and offer new clients that come along with the new rates straight up. My weakness is not-for-profit groups. I sometimes feel bad charging my regularly rate, but then I think nah, if they employed someone to do the same job it would take twice as long and they’d probably have to train them first.

Wow that’s great Patrick! Kind of makes sense really. Just goes to show that sometimes higher than normal rates can be a greeeeeeeaat sale pitch. I know that I look to quality when I’m seeking out a carpet cleaner, or a building inspector, or a mechanic, or whatever. I also know that I don’t mind paying that bit extra if I’m going to get quality from their work. Not sure about 100% more – you must be really really really good Burgo and have some mighty good sub-contractors!