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Hi David,

I’m not aware of anything specifically for management of Subscriptions.

Maybe if you could give us some more detail about what you’d like it to do and what sort of information you need it to record and how you want it to alert you when a subscription is coming up for renewal.

Do you want it to be web based?

Do you want it to integrate as a billing system?

Do you want it to provide reports, issue customers with renewal reminders, take payments and cancel membership for those who haven’t renewed?

The more you ‘customise’ the requirements, then you increase your chances of having to custom build something.

Maybe until your membership gets to the point where you need such an application, setting Outlook Calendar Appointments with suitably timed reminders could help you get started until you have something permanent in place.

If you wan to discuss the option of having something custom built, we can provide you with a costing. We have a team of Australian-based as well as a team of Offshore application developers with a wide range of skills.

Obviously the Offshore developers turn over projects a lot cheaper than the Australian based developers and in many cases the jobs are completed a lot quicker than our Australian developers.

Contact me if you would like to discuss this further, there is no fee or obligation to discuss what you’re after and we’ll provide you with a project costing.