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Can I just say if you didnt make last nights gettogether you missed out in meeting with some wonderful people. Yes we had 15 forum members turn up and even a non forum member who will be joining the forum.

Thank you all for coming along and I hope I didnt bore you. Unfortunately Paul and I suffer from deafness and maybe some of our answers could have been a little confusing or even a little strange its only because we didnt quite hear the conversation properly. Still it is fun.

Robert and Peter the FS administrators were there and from what I saw enjoyed meeting some of the newbies. Peppie, Numberz and Astrid have been coming along to our gettogethers for over twelve months, but the exciting thing was the mumber of new members that came along.

So a special thanks to all of you that came along and help make an interesting evening.

I appears that I have been delegated to organise the next gettogether so as asked I will make a new thread.