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It really depends on what you want as the outcome of your networking …

I don’t like free networking events, because generally the people who go there are time rich and money poor. As a rule, I don’t go to any event that costs less than $50 – because frankly, if you don’t have $50 to spend on a networking event, you’re neither my client, nor a potential Host Beneficiary partner.

If you just want to meet people who are starting out for moral support (or if people without a lot of money ARE your clients), then free events great.

Personally, I prefer seminars and conferences to networking events.

E.G. I went to a (paid) networking event four weeks ago and got a bunch of cards / gave out a bunch of cards and had some good conversations – but got no work out of it.

Last weekend, I went to a $2,495 3 day seminar and not only got some AMAZING information, but have also already paid back the cost of the seminar and made a profit from the work that has come in as a result.

The problem with networking events is that most people go to them to ‘get’ something. They go looking for clients (which is SO the wrong way to approach it). I often get the feeling when I’m at a networking event that the reason I’m there is so that people can sell to me …

There are a few notable exceptions, I love Ludwina’s Red Tent Woman networking events in Melbourne – they are a wonderful evening where a bunch of women come together to support each other and to develop fruitful partnerships … I’ve met some great HB partners there …