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This is a great thread for getting the word out there for who works for you bestest, provided you don’t have any vested interest in the companies, which I don’t.

I use http://domains.webcity.com.au/ for domains, as they can do “.com.au”s for half the price of anybody else I’ve found, so even if they’re a couple more bucks for the “.com” version too, it’s worth it. Never had a problem with them.

For hosting, I used to use a buddy in the US, but I wanted something local too, and I found http://www.absolutewebhosting.com.au/, though I went through another domain that I can’t remember right now. I’ve been sending clients there because they can do Windows or Linux hosting for about $6 a month. Again, cheaper than I’ve found in Australia thus far, and their support has been prompt and personal and pretty damn cool.

So there you go, good luck with that.