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Great thread!

I personally use either http://www.domaincentral.com.au or http://www.intaserve.com.au for registering .au, and I use http://www.mydomain.com for registering everything else.

I’ve found them all to be really good.

For hosting, I’ve used http://www.netlogistics.com.au for quite some time… I very rarely have a problem, but when I do, good support can be hard to come by sometimes. I also use a UK business http://www.webfaction.com for hosting… and they are absolutely fantastic! The admin system is their own, and is extemely easy to use and versatile.

Another host I’d recommend, but haven’t used as much, is http://www.rimuhosting.com (they have servers in Australia too). I didn’t deal with them for a very long time, but their service and support was excellent.