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Business contact manager is only a contact list really. It has a few more in depth fields but is not good for monitoring anything specific.

ACT is quite a good product and alot of my clients use it and are happy with it.

One thing to remember people, is that if you want to invest into this sort of software, you are going to have to invest into your IT infrastructure if the data is kept on site.

Make sure you have a disaster recovery solution in place (ie. backup of some sort etc.)

I recently have a client of mine’s server go down, and they lost everything. They didn’t follow my recommendations and it ended up costing them 5 thousand dollars to repair. Luckily I got their data back, but it cost them 5 grand! This also does not include the amount of downtime they had, and loss of revenue due to not being able to access data and for wages for 15 – 20 people who couldn’t work.

So in reality, it was way more than the invoice they got from me.