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I know your looking for a free solution. So feel free to be anoyed that I can’t offer one. I’v tried many and been frustrated with underdevelopment, lack of support or apps written by coders and not business people. If the software is too difficult to use noone will use it properly and it will become a dust collector.


I’v recently started using a very basic backend CRM for our website which is joomla CMS. The product cost about 300bucks for one off fee which great simple administration and security for users, contact and lead management, project & task management, quoting etc. I love that its built into our site as our staff feel like its our system. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day it required joomla CMS so i’m not saying its an easier solution. But for us, its basic and works to suit our small business. Our jobs are more tasks than projects, so these turn over alot quicker than a typical project would. If we turn over a job in a single day, we can’t afford to spend an hour or two filling out forms etc etc throughout that day but we do need jobs to follow a process and have tracking & reporting.

I’m not saying this is the solution for you. This is simply me, a small business owner using a CRM and my thoughts.

Many thanks.