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Apologies for pulling up an old thread (well, not that old, but in relation to this forum…) but I have something to say about these http://www.domainnames.com.au jackwads.

All you on here said it right, $150 for domain name registration is only too much if you’re not receiving quality support.

Well, let me tell you, I have HAD IT with these idiots. A client, and now friend, of mine paid them $195 for 5 years for a .com domain name. Yep, not a “.com.au” but just a “.com”. He naturally thought he was getting much more than he got.

I spent the better part of my morning e-mail fighting with them about an offer they made that I asked them to clarify and their ensuing one line, URL only, e-mail answers.

Again, apologies for bumping an old thread, but folks need to know to stay away from these guys, they are awful.