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I think that my definition of success is actually retarded, rather than advanced, on account of my work. I’m a business performance measurement specialist, who is big on helping people to measure and track their goals, the results they want from their business.

So it’s too easy for me to judge my success based on numbers. Profit, sales conversion, leads generated, customer satisfaction, and so on. I easily tie my sense of self-worth to numbers like these. And boy, oh boy is that a problem! I just have to miss a target, and suddenly I feel a complete failure. It gets me very down and I struggle to climb out of it.

So recently, I wrote an A4 page entitled “Stacey’s Manifesto for a Beautiful Life” and it lists – in very descriptive and sensory language – what a beautiful life is to me. What I feel when I wake up each morning, the fun things I have to look forward to, that I have plenty of time to do what I need to and what I want to, that I spend my time with people I love and who inspire me, that I am of service to others in helping them reach their own goals, that I take care of my health and wellbeing easily and with pleasure, that I spend my time exploring the world and practicing yoga and cooking chocolate things for friends and learning to sail. There’s more but I think you get the idea.

Very qualitative, not at all quantitative. All words and no numbers.

It was very liberating. I read it morning and night, and want to commit it to memory. The numbers ARE very important, but they are important for learning and not for judging our success. I’m now just starting to see how my own definition of success doesn’t have to involve numbers at all.