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who follows his dreams and pursues excellence in each task;
and who brings out the best in others, and gives only the best of himself.’

Success is probably the hardest word to define as we all have different ideas what it means to us.
The Macquarie dictionary : the favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours: the gaining of wealth, position, or the like.

It appears to be something we strive for, yet we already have it.

To me success is being a soloist.
Able to enjoy the fruits of my labour without someone else orchestrating the way I perform.

To always strive to give the best I can.
To be involved with others
To be able to enjoy good food , good wine and good company regularly
To be able to enjoy the life God has given me warts and all, and
To enjoy the company of other soloists.

As a Soloist you have gained a position , and the respect of others.
You have also gained wealth, hopefully of the monetary kind, but not necessary, so how do we guage it?