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kally, post: 19000 wrote:
Hello Friends…..

The best marketing tactics in the world aren’t going to do diddley-squat to grow your business unless they are part of a bigger strategy.

To make an impact you need every piece of marketing you do to work together strategically to create what I call “Critical Marketing Mass”.

This is the point where your ideal customers see or hear your name and core message so often, your marketing takes on a life of its own. Soon half the people you meet have already heard of you. And those that haven’t quickly understand who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you instead of the competition.


Good Advice,

I must admit we fail at this and is something I will take more seriously this year.

Advice I could offer is track any advertising/marketing you do and put a value on them. This is so easy todo yet most business fail at this. I see clients advertise in magazines that generate leads, but they are poor and no or little business is generated. You need to be prepared to cut your loses and find something else that works. Just becuase you get phone calls doesn’t mean its good marketing.

Look at free advertising methods. I’m not religous but I have even heard about church newsletters. Of course it depends on your business, your image blah blah. But for small business i think it can be good to think outside of general mediums that are quite costly.

I also like tv advertising. Cost per read/view imo is far greater than newspaper or radio. But thats only my experience with it. I’m unsure if people will aggree with me but I find newspapers to be an industry I can do without adverting in. Having said that there is a way around those costs. Write articles for them, upcoming events blah blah and just get your name in the paper. ITS FREE!!!!

my 2cents..
PS i’m dislexic, so generally there are spelling mistakes :)