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Some really good points from both sides it seems.

For me, I’m a bit jaded about them all. I only run a husband & wife graphic design firm and don’t track any inventory.

I’m just over paying $450 a year or whatever for MYOB’s tax tables! So I didn’t subscribe again. I was planning to just send my accountant the end-of-year files in the old 2007 Software for the next 5 years or so, and guess what? I can’t figure out how to manually change the tax on our 2 paycheques per month. It doesn’t seem to let me.

I’m over it. I can’t wait for someone like Apple to add an MYOB thing to iWorks or iLife. Call it iBooks if you wish. They could have an international core double entry book-keeping system that then has national tax and accounts plans to download and add-on.

Or when is Open Source finally going to take over this genre and we get the software for free? The tax department could then issue some basic open source book-keeping software updates. It’s not like replacing Photoshop with it’s 60 million lines of code… it’s just book-keeping! Makes me fairly cranky.

MYOB seems to be just too expensive for what I’m getting.