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divapromotions, post: 2072 wrote:
Ok, for those who have used either of those systems, which one do you prefer for your business and why?

I have found MYOB to be the most painful, archaic and counter-intuitive piece of junk I have ever encountered….plain and simple…I used it 10 years go and it really hasn’t changed one little bit since then. The same old frustrations…complete lack of help either from the help files or from what they like to believe is …’support’. Still cannot even find the serial number from the ‘About” menu like you would in NORMAL software….noooo….have to ring ‘support’ just to find the serial number….and to cap it all off, the first question they ask when you do is…yep, you guessed it….”what is the serial number?”

If you wanna use MYOB then get used to:
* not being able to adjust column widths in any table views.
* not having enough characters to describe your inventory.
* not being able adjust the columns to read the descriptions anyway
* Jobs and time billing having no connection to anything else in the system
* adding items to Item invoices from a list that isnt alphabetically sorted or filtered.
*…not being able to change or alter any settings like column widths, sort order etc
*inventory items that appear on invoices at weird prices….and not being able to change it. (makes no sense)
*items from inventory that dont appear on Supplier Orders because they persist in using the other code, on the other tab, that you forgot to order….but you didnt know existed….
*oh yeah…get used to lots and lots of double entry(is this why they call it double entry accounting?)

….what a piece of crap….I want my money back.

…here’s a clue: You CANNOT sort inventory by supplier, category or any other method in MYOB…and so after 3 hours of frustration at trying to add 3 items to the inventory list and create an order I decided to prefix every inventory item with a supplier code….thats when I discovered that MYOB will NOT order a list.

I decided to try reinstalling the Quickbooks demo and trying to export all my MYOB entries. Anyway, I export the inventory from MYOB into Quickbooks and IMMEDIATELY when I try to create an order in QB, I am presented with a sorted and alphabetized list….I was sold there and then.

People, do not listen to the book-keepers….if you need inventory or job or time keeping then AVOID MYOB like the plague….it is useless. You’re better off with the free cashbook from the ATO.

I have purchased a CRM software from the US that interfaces to QB….and it is inexpensive and robust and thorough….whereas every package that interfaced with MYOB was painful and expensive and lacking in features. Couldnt test any interface with MYOB….of course you’d have to pay for that first.

I despise MYOB with a rare passion and I will be junking it at the end of this financial year and paying for Quickbooks.

Oh…I do understand this accounting process….it isnt just a lack of “training”….myob is really, truly just rubbish…..do yourself a favour. Buy QB and persevere, you’ll be much happier in the long run.