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aaremms, post: 12903 wrote:
melissa, one way to avoid the first year failure would be to buy an existing business that you have observed and are confident is doing well. ofcourse, you may have to pay a bit more for this – plenty of businesses are on sale at any given point. i did this myself – some people want to retire, some are moving interstate due to their partner’s job etc… ofcourse you can never be sure but its always a risk.

the other option is to find your own location and start afresh – trouble with this is that it takes a while to build up the business and you need enough cash to keep you going until that happens. if you own a property, the bank may lend you upto 70% of the equity you have in the house provided you can convince them of your experience or business plan.

good luck.

There are many POOR businesses out there for sale – particularly cafes. I’ve heard some real horror stories. I’ve just started up my consultancy business with fixed price services including a pre-purchase assessment at http://www.thecafeninja.com