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You might not ever buy, Steve … and it’s true, there are some people who never will.

But there are LOTS of people who do.

I fill seminars every month using cold calling.

Trying to scrape a couple of pennies out of deliberately irritating hundreds of people against their wishes is no way to go through life.

I cold call. I put my lists together based on people I KNOW I can help – who I KNOW need what I offer. There are always one or two who are deliberately irritated … who can’t hear what I’m saying because of the method via which I’m saying it (which I consider shooting the message – but hey, each to their own). But on the whole, I not only convert more than 70% of them into my seminar … they also THANK me profusely for calling them.

I agree, that the person who is calling you randomly with a script that isn’t relevant to you isn’t doing you any kind of service. In fact, a strong script should start with two or three qualifying questions to make sure that you are the kind of business that would benefit from the offer.

So there’s cold calling and there’s cold calling. I HATE bad salespeople. They make my job more difficult, because people like you have been treated poorly and unfortunately, the rest of us tend to suffer … I’d like to see some kind of formal qualifications for salespeople … probably in an on-the-ground training kind of way.

However, there’s always going to be sucky salespeople. Just like there will always be sucky doctors. And sucky accountants. And sucky builders. And hey … what do you know? … sucky people generally. Some people just suck.

As far as do not call lists go – you can only put a private home line on the do not call register … you can’t put a business line (even if it’s a home business line) on the register.