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Hey NightAngel,
Why not have a look through foreign (UK / US / Philippines / India or other English speaking countries) phone books for ideas? It might trigger something.

Short / simple and easy to remember is probably best, and then work harder on your slogan.

I woudnt spend weeks on figuring out the perfect name, thats taking time away from you actually getting out there and doing business.

Apparently – not sure how true it is – but the google boys had to come up with the name on the spot as Andy Bechtolsheim (one of the founders of Sun Microsystems) was writing them their first cheque for $100,000 which needed a business name on it. It was either that or googol (a very large number with LOTS of 0’s – 100 to be exact with one at the start).

Look at how creative I was at coming up with a business name! Haha.