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Nikohl, post: 2848 wrote:
fair enough, its a service to help people make friends sort of a dating service i spose, there is a difference though but ill keep that to myself.. i just dont know what to do now, the idea is down on paper but i wouldnt have a clue what to do next.. i know im being very vague but i really have no idea what 2 say.
im having problems with everything lol.. if you cant help or cant be bothered thats cool

Hello Nikohl,

My name is Julian, some others know me as Maxpower in other forums.

I notice this thread is a bit old now but perhaps my contributions can help you mate. (Assume you are a guy,) anyway, I have just started a dating website and boy I can tell you all about the work involved, and the successes. I launched last month (August) after about the past 4 months of designing, coding, tweaking and everything I have finally crafted the website and yesterday reached the 100 member milestone.

So if there’s any information you want to know, like how to build the website or which software to use or how to advertise or whatever, I have some ideas to help you.

Anyway just reply if you’re interested. Thanks