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Renee Barber, post: 4273 wrote:
skribe, that’s an awesome video! Youtube gave me the irrits with its buffering, but from what I saw, I’m very impressed. By the way, what’s the music? I hope it’s something I can iTune (Hmm, I don’t think it’s made it as a verb yet, but give it time).
The Apartment? The video is just something I put together to illustrate a new technology development. A hasty job. And, no, the music isn’t available on iTunes.

A memory just tweaked. Weren’t you asking for some advice on how to ramp up your website? If you did, and if you are, if you put something like that on your home page, you’ll probably have to hire someone to start sleeping for you as you won’t have enough hours in the day!
No it wasn’t me and yes the video has been on my front page.