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I found it difficult to locate the IT provider with the specific skill set I required – full SQL is necessary for my practice software. 2nd time around, we went through four companies before getting one that I felt comfortable with, that they were more than just humouring me because I’m just a girl. My brother is a SOHO tech, and even he had problems finding someone.

The only ongoing issue I have right now, and still my IT just doesn’t get it, is that I don’t have access to new technology, so I don’t know when something comes up that is especially relevant (email on phones, email to text, both newly discovered timesavers.
(actually, do you know of any dedicated envelope printers out there – our newsletter run is currently at about 500 units)

The issues, both setup and ongoing, that I see my clients have, in no particular order
– knowing at the beginning how much grunt they need, and locating a competitive provider of both setup, and support
– getting the right applications for what they are trying to do, and actually also accepting that sometimes pen and paper is best.
– understanding the importance of keeping current with hardware and software, and working out how to implement that.
– still, even now, the really basic mission critical steps of backups, restore, alternate site, etc
– the system just isn’t “smooth” but they don’t know any better, and then when I realise they have a problem, I can’t find anyone to do an indpendent no sales intended audit of what’s happeing. I know just enough to know when it’s not right.

Dave Bockett, post: 2914 wrote:
I am currently looking at a few business ideas for a website and services for flying solo types who are getting starting or need basis assistance with IT issue.

I would love to know what areas you found the most daunting or had the most information overload on from the internet that you were left more confused than before you started out?

For example did you find that there were so many people trying to sell you webhosting with so many options you couldn’t figure out what you needed?

The idea of the website is to have lots of great free basic advice to try and help people understand in simple terms what the need to know and how to go about getting their website up and running for example.

Would you see value in a paid mentoring type program where for a fixed amount per month you can get all the advise you need from a team of experts who have no vested interest in which solution or service they promote?