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Renee Barber
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Dave Bockett, post: 2914 wrote:

The idea of the website is to have lots of great free basic advice to try and help people understand in simple terms what the need to know and how to go about getting their website up and running for example.

Would you see value in a paid mentoring type program where for a fixed amount per month you can get all the advise you need from a team of experts who have no vested interest in which solution or service they promote?


Hi Dave

While I cannot say I had many IT issues when starting out because I’ve been using computers since I was thirteen (yeah, back when DOS was the big thing and 40 Mb was *huge*). Goodness me …

At any rate, my first thought was, ‘The people who would be the best mentors probably cannot get away from having a vested interest’. However, I suppose if you make the advice anonymous, it might work. Then again, you might run into credibility issues if the experts were not known. To get around that, I’d suggest you have profiles on the site and make it known that the advice could come from any of the panellists in a sort of ‘double blind’, if you will.

For the record, I think it’s a very good idea as I’m sure it’s very overwhelming for small business owners (what am I saying, *any* business owners) to navigate through the ocean of information about domains, web hosting, website design (including content management systems and SEO), etc.

If you do get your idea off the ground, I’d be interested in exploring participating on a paid basis. My business background includes: writing, editing, design, marketing and business administration so there seems to be a good fit. If you’d like to discuss this down the track, feel free to PM me or email me directly.

Either way, good luck with the venture!