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Renee Barber
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linkartist, post: 4982 wrote:
haha its not that impressive really — sorry I wasn’t “whipping it out”!

Just more clarifying the idea that you can “live/study in the US” and use that as more marketing-speak all you want… but fundamentally, all it really comes down to is good consistent work, good consistent service, and most importantly, no smoke and mirrors – people get SO caught up in gimmicks with business but most of the time it really is about getting back to basics.

That’s hilarious, Téa (about not ‘whipping it out’; uh huh, sure, smile), but I’m really curious about how you made that initial contact. It’s a very long swim after all.

Anyway, if you don’t mind sharing, but don’t feel comfortable sharing in this setting, feel free to PM or email me directly. I may be the only nosey one. ;-)