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Hi Lisa,
If you are going to do this on a regular basis maybe you should look into a hosted phone server. There is a lot of opensource PBX software available now mostly spawned from or re-packaged versions of Asterisk. (http://www.digium.com)

The one we use is Trixbox (http://www.trixbox.org). Although we host our own server, I have seen cheap, pay per month, ready to go hosted servers around. Have a look on google for “asterisk hosting”.

Doing this gives you full control and endless possibilities, such as welcome messages, call recordings and basically whatever you want.

With this you can setup a VOIP number and do conference calls that don’t cost anything except for a local call (depending on where you are calling from).

You can use a company like OzTel (could be net2max now) for your inbound local call number (could get one in each state if you have callers from all over) that can hold as many channels as you want (not sure on pricing but its low and fixed based on how many lines you need).

I can find more information for you if this interests you as I have been playing around with asterisk for a few years now. Let me know.