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Hi all,

My name is Eden and as you can see im a Hire A Hubby (home handyman/property maintenance and restricted builder)

It has been an interesting 18 months but very rewarding and i would not have it any other way.

I have just picked up a second area and I am starting to employ/sub contract work out in the last month.

I Am Adelaide born and have spent quite a few childhood years in and around the iron triangle but now live next to Semaphore and love the western suburbs with a passion.

My franchise areas cover from Largs Bay and run to Woodville Park and Beverley, so i am a very busy little Vegimite and love the pressure and sense of urgency that this creates.

SA has always been good to me and I see myself spending the rest of my working life here (8 years if possible)

There is just something special about living in this little country town of mine,,,oops ours

cheers Eden