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Renee Barber
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Hi B.B.

That was really lovely of you to post that. As a relative newbie to the forum, I feel hesitant to bask in the ‘warm glow of appreciation’, but, what the heck, I’ll bask a bit in the reflected glow. :-)

I really love your company name … It’s very refreshing, but I wonder what it’s like to say that when answering the phone … I also love your tagline.

For my part, it’s been fun to offer website reviews and advice. Most people (especially web developers/designers) often have very decided opinions on websites we visit, but we rarely provide feedback (and boy do I want to in some cases) unless asked.

Anyway, you didn’t ask … but I definitely agree with ‘warrenc’ that you should put your photo on the main page to give it more ‘punch’. I also wonder if ‘So is the way you use your money’ is a bit off-putting. The first thing I thought was, ‘Yeah, you probably want me to spend less of it so you can get more’. That might be a me thing, but it might be worth asking a few other people about it to get their thoughts.

Anyway, I’d better contemplate sleep as it’s just on 1.30 am!