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Well… thanks to all who replied and commented.

Warren – I agree – the font was too small and so I’ve changed it. It worried me greatly that it was SO small that you couldn’t read the bit that says – “we don’t have ‘get and forget’ software…”

I’ve noted your comment (as well as Renees’) about having my picture on the front. It used to be there but we changed it about 6 weeks ago. When it WAS there we had a ‘bounce rate’ of 93% – now our bounce rate is 16%. (always knew I had a great face for radio)

Renee – let me assure you that saying – “thanks for calling Budget Bitch” is a guaranteed way of having somebody smile on the other end of the phone.

Please don’t be too cynical – the way people use their money IS what we’re all about. (that’s what a budget is, isn’t it?) If you read a bit more of our site, you’ll find that our service fee is reasonable (yes – we do say how much it is) and I’ve never yet had anybody say that it was too expensive. It IS a one off fee – and, even in these sad times when it seems that nobody will do anything unless they’re paid, there are still some of us out there that offer exceptional value for money.

I guess our website will always be a work in progress…. hhhmmmm… then again… *thinks out loud*…. maybe if we charged more, we could afford a website with all the bells and whistles …. *chuckle*

Love ya all…