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Brown Mouse
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For the sake of discussion on a very passionate topic, thought I’d throw this into the mix. Sometimes, (don’t smack me!) it is appropriate to rent a third party list for email marketing. Not very often and this type of list will never perform as well as your own permission-based house list (about half as well usually) but there are times – the most common being as a one-off introduction to a new audience. Here’s an example. My local chamber of commerce rents its list of member email addresses to other members for the purpose of marketing their business. It’s called third party permission. When you join up with the chamber, you give your permission to be added to this distribution list and receive what “technically” are unsolicited emails from other members. I’m a passionate permission-based email marketer but I’m keen to build the size of my list. So I’m developing a one-off email for my fellow chamber members that introduces my service and invites them to visit my website and sign-up for my E-newsletter. The point I’d like to make here is that email marketing by its very nature, attracts a lot of DIYers. But just because you CAN pop the hood on your car and start fiddling in an attempt to fix it, doesn’t mean you should – especially if you ever want to drive your car again. Even if you are doing your own email marketing, get good advice before you start. Do some research or find an expert.