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Sarah Beauglehole
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My name is Sarah I am the head makeup artist of a company and i am also a hair dresser. For year I have had women asking me about make up. how much is too much? what foundation should I use? etc

A lot of women have never worn make up and when it gets to an occasion that they think they need to they panic.

Makeup is not something that you should use to hide who you are. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, don’t put a lot on. Just wearing a light foundation and bronzer will instantly make you look younger and healthier. Mascara is a great way to bring out your eyes and a simple natural lip stick shade will make your lips look fresh and luscious. if your not a lip stick person try using a babies tooth brush at night time with warm water on it to exfoliate your lips. This is a natural way of plumping your lips and adding more colour.

if any of you ever need tips or help with anything to do with make up visit our site my number and email is on there i am happy to give you any further tips you might need.


Good luck with everything

Sarah Beauglehole