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Renee Barber
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martinprint.com.au, post: 4606 wrote:
You can all feed me to the lions but I think it should be ‘I’ as ‘we’ is an unknown identity. Who is we? Nobody likes to deal with an unknown identity. However I can see why people like to use ‘we’ as it makes your business sound larger, but that really doesnt matter too much to your client. There are other ways to do this.

Your clients are dealing with YOU and not your whole company. Its much more personal and more credible to use I, as you are personally standing behind whatever you are saying.

Ofcourse there are times where you can say we, but generally I would still substitute that with the business name if possible, or another person or even department.

Thats what we think anyway :)

That was a very pithy reply, Martin, so I guess the lions will have to go hungry for a while.

Although ‘no man is an island’ as most people have mentors (Mums), IT support (husbands), mailroom technicians (kids), relaxation therapists (pets), etc., I also tend towards using ‘I’ as it’s more accurate since I’m it where the actual work is concerned.