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KenD, post: 3825 wrote:
Can you do this for mobiles?

Absolutely. Mobiles, PABXs and other business-switchboard systems are scheduled to be rolled out as one of the upgrades to the initial landline-based service.

It’s a real issue in the US, as they pay to receive mobile phone calls instead of make them. Thus, telemarketing autodiallers can call every mobile for free, and the unsuspecting person on the other end not only ends up having their mobile service and attention unwantedly monopolised, but having to pay for the experience.

Hmm… I wonder if there would actually be a demand for the opposite service – people who _want_ telemarketers, autodiallers, and stalkers to call them? It doesn’t seem logical, but then people do weird things at times. It’d have to be prettily heavily screened, though – wouldn’t want people to be able to sign their friends or enemies up as a prank.