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Here’s my 2 bobs worth –

My friend has a husband with dementia. On the days when he is coherent, and able to answer the phone, it is not possible to determine that he has this condition. (I doubt the telemarketers really listen anyway)

Over the years he has bought things and given away thousands of dollars – with no recollection later of taking the call.

Despite being on the ‘do not call’ register and having a ‘silent’ number – the calls still persist. Charities are still able to call, and last year were the recipients of several hundred dollars. A lot of their products were returned without purchase.
Even with no access to immediate funds – they’ve been able to still collect.
My friend is lobbying the government to have charities also banned for the Do Not Call Register.

Suggestion – is it possible for each phone number / machine to be individual? meaning – each subscriber has a pincode. ALL calls are blocked except the calls that dial the pincode first/last. The user gives this code to anybody they wish so that they only receive calls from people they know.

There IS a need for your machine – there are many more scenarios out there that have a need for this, we’re not aware of all of them.