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Hi Steve, good idea to somehow restrict the Telemarketing calls, Leela’s comment is the idea I have found best to use after trying other methods.
At the first hint of “can I speak to the business owner” I have replied Not interested thank you and press the end call button, less than 10 secs.
The problem arises that I can get up to 12 a day generally at the top of the ladder.
I use voicemail and answer machines but have found a growing trend that people have started not to leave messages, they are wanting to talk now!

The biggest problem that I have with the impact of telemarketing is when I am returning a call to a new customer who has left a message, when I call them back, it can be difficult to get through their defences and convince them that they wanted me to call them, a while back it took 3 calls to one lady to get the message through.
Therefore, something to help homeowners would be helpful to me.