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We import from Europe, did import from India & the US and also from China. We’ve found that its a better bet than getting stock in from interstate or local suppliers. You know exactly what you are getting and when, You control the marketing and the distribution, You know that if you place and order you will actually get all that you ordered, not some part shipped order with the rest back ordered (you can see I am pretty disillusioned with Australian suppliers right now)

What ever you do, don’t use TNT to ship your goods unless you take out separate marine insurance………..they are so useless with parcels being damaged and lost.

We first started importing about 11 years ago, mainly computer and games stuff, and apart from a few homemade sites, the only one offering any real advice was the Customs site. Nowadays, there is a wealth of information out there.

I can recommend the GHA as a source of info (even though they still recommend TNT ;) )and if you join, you can get great deals on shipping and insurance.