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first have money, and KNOW incoterms.

if its BIG $$ money go through the banks with a letter of credit, so you dont

get ripped off, and an original bill will be used.

try make it FOB. and knowing a freight/customs agent is like your right hand man.

be a distributor, means you’ll have some sort of royalty agreement with the vendor. That royalties will also be subject to ozzi duties. = more money.

watch out if its a improbibited import on ICON customs etc, some allow import permits with strict conditions. ifs its wood you’ll need a fumigation certificate. perfibly from the supplier cheaper.

buy goods

pay freight $$$$$

figure out FCL/ LCL cargo

make sure you have every document of your shipment, invoice, packing list pak dec. etc. $


Take your paper work to a customs broker. this guy is very important. he will classify you goods to a tariff. to see what duties/takes your gotta pay, also an expert in AQIS and Customs law. $$

He will lodge an import declaration with customs. here they will assist your papers and decide weather to raid your house or not.

Pay local port charges. the crane dude, security guard. @ the port $600 UP

Pay GST and duties and stacks of little charges along way. $$$

Get cargo to your place and take empty container back = more $$$

The broker will try make your goods duty free. if under $1000. tax free.

Most people don’t know you can still lodge an import declaration via the postal system to customs, but you must go to the post office and present your id. This is what i do. Which saves me a lot of money. I am starting an import consultancy for DIYers. PM

This is just a brief process of the bizzo. of importing. It can be dauting, but it can be very rewarding if, you got your project togeather.

My name is Jose, I;ve been looking for a place like this for a while. this is my first piece here. I see you around and hoped ive helped you or someone else here.


StartingOut, post: 3736 wrote:
Hi All,

Firstly thanks for this wonderful site.

I am looking at creating an import business to bring in a certain product that is currently being sold in Japan. I believe that this product could do extremely well in the Australian market but I have no idea where to begin.

I would like to secure myself as the sole rights distributor for this product. I believe that this product could be sold from purely a website based business but I also believe that I could approach some of the large retail chains in the future to have this product as part of their stock.

Am I best to approach the manufacturer first? I really don’t know the way forward and was looking for some advice.

Very much appreciated.