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thanks . just the service i am looking for

ANZ have ripped me off about $ 3400 in credit card fees and other banks fees , i knew it was happening but i worked 120 hours per week for many years , and was just too busy to chase them .

now the economy is ” sleeping ” and i have time to fully audit all my statements.

they have never seen a cowboy so keen as me to stomp on heads until i get a result ” metaphoricly speaking of course “

funny thing is , my original credit card agreement was for no fees on that card , but they introduced fees without notification and are just trying it on because i didnt complain after the first one or two.

i wonder if banks try it on deliberately because even if people notice , they still get the interest until the money is refunded , if its noticed at all

whats wrong with australians ? , we allow ourselves to be rorted and scammed and we just cop it as a society.