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Hmmm … for the kind of money you’re looking at spending, I wouldn’t do either.

The cons to publications is that unless you’re taking a whole page ad, it’s barely worth it.

The cons to trade shows is that if you’re looking for an immediate return – it’s not likely. They are a great way to get out and meet people, build your database (as Melissa said) – but in terms of hard return on your investment, negligible.

You would be FAR better off investing that money into other things …

Good re: hospitals … but I would go further … I wouldn’t JUST do maternity hospitals.

A good friend of mine lost her 8 month old a couple of years ago. Very tragic. She holds on to the ashes because it’s all she has. Something like this would have meant everything to her …

That’s the -sad- side and we don’t always want to be surrounded by sadness, so I would go a step further …

How about a talk and demo at a mothers group?

How about getting involved with some of the childcare centres around the place? Again … talk and demo are the most powerful ways to do it – brochures are pretty much pointless. They don’t sell you- YOU sell you.

Do a free wine and cheese (or breastfeeding mums … so maybe a sparkling apple juice and fruit!) night at the local preschool … make the topic something like … ‘They grow up so fast … are you worried you’re missing out on your child’s most important moments?’ – that’s an ouch for a lot of mums who put their kids in childcare … give them the opportunity to meet other mums in a relaxed kid-centric environment … (that’s not necessarily a contradiction!) and to record their kids hands and feet …

Ohhhhh – and have you thought about offering a ‘first 5 years’ package? Where you do it each year for the first five years of the kids life so they have a growing record? That would be kinda cool … certainly better than pencil marks on door frames …