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You know, I must be thick or maybe it’s just my age showing – because when I read you talking about a ‘baby show’ I imagined you were talking about the old-fashioned ‘baby shows’. It was only after reading the replies that I realised you were talking about a ‘trade show’.

But then – I thought – well why couldn’t you organise an old fashioned ‘baby-show’. You know the type – mums or dads bring along their babies and somebody decides who’s the best.

It’d be great marketing – you’ve already got the prizes – or you will have when you do the winners imprints. You’d probably spend the same amount as you would to atttend a trade show or advertise in a magazine, and you could always allay extra costs by doing it in conjunction with other people- eg: a photographer, or a childrens clothing store. You might find a pre-school or play group that might like to help also, as a fund-raiser. Bearing in mind that the entry fee could also assist with running costs.

It could be a large venture or a small one – that’s for you to decide. Either way you’d get some great exposure, have a lot of fun and probably some new clients – all through a non-threatening/ non-sales environment.