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Rachel Reeves
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Awe thank you, some really good suggestions here and thank you very much for the support.

Even though I have some pretty urgent stuff to get through this week I did take a break yesterday arvo and evening and I feel so much better for it today and feel that I can take on that urgent stuff no worries now. I also managed to take the advice you offered in your article yesterday Sam, it came at the perfect time I must say! I have been trying to hang on and trying to keep control of a couple of things that were (‘er) out of my control I guess you could say. I have let go and all I can say is ‘oooooooooh was that exactly what I needed!’. It has been a tough year so far, but there has also been so many rewarding moments to speak of and I am learning a lot!

Yesterday evening my hubbie and I were discussing my taking up a sport of some kind to keep me healthy, as a kind of release and to give me some time away from the day to day. I used to be involved in sport in Adelaide but haven’t taken anything up since we moved up to Brisbane and didn’t realise just how much I was missing it!

Thanks again.