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Hi Lai,

I saw your post and called CBA yesterday (wanting to get Evolve). After waiting forever, I hung up my phone.

I got a website called securepay from a IT geek site. (http://www.securepay.com.au)

My situation is that most of my jobs have been from agencies so I don’t need to take care of any transactions. But now I want to get clients by myself and so far probably a handful of transactions (or nothing) a month so I cannot justify any on-going monthly fee.

Currently I send my clients invoices and ask them to pay through their online banking. It is riskier because I deliver my services before getting paid but so far most people have paid eventually.

But the biggest problem is being unable to close the deal right away. I worked for an agency before and I noticed how very important it is to get your clients to pay when they are willing to pay. If you let them go, they may find other companies or postpone. (In my own case, I will probably drop CBA and choose securepay).

I expect my future clients to pay over the phone or send/fax in credit card payment forms. So I find the securepay’s pricing very attractive (see below). Please let me know if there is any better deal for Small Business beginners.

Virtual POS Terminal
$125 per annum
60 cents per transaction

I will guess I will use free Paypal online until I establish significant amounts of cash flow.

marsmac, post: 4240 wrote:
Hi all,

It’s $79 establishment fee, $20 minimum merchant fee, $28 yearly admin fee and 1.45% merchant rate.

After setup, you pay $20 per month merchant fee (minimum) and a yearly $28 yearly fee.


No setup fee, pay for what you use. Pay 2.4% + $0.30 for each transaction.