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1. You get people to follow you by following them. Add “MrTweet” as a friend and he’ll return you a list of people with similar details to you. Add them and most will add you back … from there you’ll end up interacting with other people and it all just kind of happens organically. You can also add your Twitter link on your website, facebook account, etc.

2. Whenever I post a new blog post, I always update my status on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in: New Post on My Blog “5 Things you Need to Know BEFORE Getting Into a Home Based Business” http://www.businesswritersanonymous.com.au/blog

I’ve noticed a large spike in traffic since I’ve started doing this.

Of course, it only works if you’re actually interacting with the community and they see value in what you say and so WANT to go and check out your blog … from there, you’ve got them on your website so that’s Major Hurdle #1 overcome!