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Hi Leela

Thanks for the laugh (watching blondes walk by .. ).

I agree with all you said. And these clients who know are out there. They are the ones who are used to work with advertising agencies.
They either have a marking department I can work with or they expect me to deliver a marketing solution – that’s why I work in co-operation with a couple of marketing professionals
And they expect me to provide the printing.

Thankfully almost none of my clients had gone to the printers first.
I only had it a couple of weeks ago that I got “beaten” by a printer, an existing client of mine has written a business advice book – a printer gave her a much cheaper typesetting and design price option just to get the printing. Which I couldn’t meet. I don’t know what he asked for but I already gave her a very reasonable quote.
Well, there is not much I can do about that.

On the other hand I have a small client, a tradesman who, when I met him, was used to printer’s offers and design work in the “someone’s nephew has a computer in the garage” -style. After he’d seen how much more input he could get from me and not just a layout, he was happy to go ahead and – after the first positive feedback from his clients – we’ve done a lot of work together.

@ Karen – yes, there has to be done something from the training side – I think that a good training will bring quality work and keep it in Australia too.
That’s not just so in the design sector. There will always be an up and down and shortcuts in an industry but I am almost sure that valuation (?) of quality will come back. Young people don’t need to lose out if they are willing to train well and to work hard.

The pre-computer days had their good sides, no question. But times are changing and the computer has also brought a lot of flexibility and freedom. I still have pride in my work, but I don’t want to go back to letraset.

It’s still only a tool, people forget that sometimes. The costs went down in the post-computer days ( I still remember how my former boss panicked at the idea).
I am pretty sure no one would pay for what a hand-made design would cost today. Alone the hours needed in these days (eg 3 weeks for a brochure *dream*) would make the work far too expensive today.
Clients need to know that what they paid 20 years ago for 3 art workers and a designer they now pay for hard- and software and training of one designer. Most business people understand this.

Ok, back to work. I wish you a beautiful Sunday and Leela not another earthquake wherever you are in VIC.