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Hi all – thanks for posting – I agree with all of you. I was just relating my own experience – I realise that my experience will differ to different areas all over Australia. People working out of the cities definitely have different issues to address, including people in my own area.

I don’t think I was quite clear that my main issue is the future for young people in Australia and prospective employment in this industry. And, of course, this happens in many industries that manufacture – design is virtually a manufacture of elements.

(When I first began solo the govenment always called designers ‘manufacturers of artwork’ for the then sales tax.)

I’m ok about what I need to do myself and I agree with most of what’s in the posts and already do a lot of what Leela mentioned.

It’s the future of jobs in Australia, particularly design, that I was mulling about but didn’t make clear enough.

Thanks again to all who posted. – Karen