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Ric Willmot
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Okay … I can’t help myself.
Those who know me on the forum understand that I have no idea how to use my iPhone let alone have any expertise in websites or technology.
So there is my caveat.

The question you should answer first is: What is the objective of your website?
Is the website meant to represent you and your service as a premium, quality offering?

If it is, why on earth would you want advertisers on your site, taking your visitors away to do other things and potentially forget to come back to you?

Advertising on a quality site immediately devalues the site for “quality” buyers. As well as confusing your message and detracting from your message.

If you want to earn $10 from advertising on your site, go for it.
If you want to attract and win customers who will pay $000s for your service, products or advice; forget the advertising.

My personal opinion only and you do not have to agree with me. And, just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t make you wrong … only in my eyes!


Now let the barrage of abuse begin. But I’m not coming back to read this particular thread again so it won’t matter how many bad responses I receive! :)