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Hi Melissa and thanks for the welcome.

We do not teach Kodaly or the Orff method at present. We did carry out some research regarding the different music programs that were being offered and was amazed that it’s so easy to get these qualifications regardless of your background, which is the reason we decided to stay clear of programs being offered.

As qualified music teachers, we have a passion for what we do and as a university trained teacher we also have the ability to develop our own programs, whilst still being able to be flexible in delivery, depending on the dynamics of the class.

That being said, we do intend in the next year to complete both Kodaly training along with Kindermusik training and eventually we would also like to carry out dalcroze training. We believe that having knowledge of all the various methods out there will allow us to create a unique package rather than just being just another Kodaly or just another Kindermusik. I have heard both good and bad things about both these types of classes with some saying they are far too structured and serious. It maybe that we use a combination of these methods along with our own literacy focused program.

I appreciate your input and it simply confirms that we do need to look into these programs sooner than later as we need to understand the difference between methods even if we decide not to use them.

Thanks once again,