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MissieK, post: 4009 wrote:
Hi Christina,

Welcome to Flying Solo :)

Do you teach with either the Kodaly or Orff method? There are associations for both of these that have newsletters that go out to schools all around the state that might give you some promotion (my parents work with VOSA & KMEIA Vic).

There are also databases around of schools, or just do a yellow pages or google search on schools to get their details, then use that to get in contact :)

Good luck.


Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to say thankyou for your message above. We ended up doing more research and have found that the Kodaly method is actually aimed at musicians. The course looks fantastic and it looks like we may enrol in a course starting in April this year if all goes to plan. Looking at the course outline it would be difficult to pass without musical knowledge.