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JodieR, post: 4039 wrote:
I’ll have to look at your site a bit more and see if I can contribute :o)

online Networking is a great way to get your site out there. If you are a member in online communities that you contribute to (I don’t mean flat out advertising as that’s a big turnoff). People recommending you because they’ve found your site useful or just go there because they like you. :o)

Any forums or online presence pop your URL in your sig line. All of these are trackable by search engines and help improve your online status in the search pages. Unique keywords – there was a site I was using last week that helped show what keywords were used the most – most common ones that were already heavily out of reach for small business, but show other search terms people use (that you could use) to help improve your rank.

You might find businesses that will link back to you, getting yourself out there more in several ways.

Directories (again, same as above).

Are you tracking your click throughs? So you can see where your visitors are coming from? This will help give you a better idea of what’s working and what’s not.

You could put community buttons (bookmark, facebook, digg, RSS etc.) on your site pages (I’ve just added them using addthis.com to my site – it’s very simple).

Thanks for the feedback! Yes we have google analytics set up on the site which enables us to track referalls, click throughs and the bounce rate. All very important statistics. I have just recently wisened up to the importance of online networking (using forums such as this to get expert advice). The tips so far have been invaluable. Its a steep learning curve for myself and my business partner, this being our first site.

The framework of our site is forum software called vbulletin. It has by default community/social networking site links set up, which helps! ;)