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Renee Barber
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First of all, this is such a great question!

From my perspective as a designer, I believe the perfect client is someone who has some ideas about what they want, but is also flexible because the best designs tend to come about when at least two people are brainstorming. The ‘bounce’ is the fun part of the creative process for me.

If a client comes to me and says, I want to have my headline in all caps in a script font in this alternating shade of green and orange’, I’m very likely to fire them (after my heart attack). My reasoning is simple: people don’t generally hire mechanics and then hover over them telling them how to fix their car. On the other hand, people also don’t expect to leave a Corvette with the mechanic only to be presented with a Pinto upon their return. (I’m so not a car person so why I chose this analogy, I’ll never know, but hopefully you get my drift!)

Really, as linkartist so astutely put it, it boils down to trust, trust in the designer’s expertise and also trust in yourself. If you hate a design, you won’t be happy with seeing it day in and day out so speak up. However, by the same token, if you insist on having what you have in your head reproduced with no deviation, you may well be missing out on a golden opportunity for your designer to lift the ordinary to extraordinary.