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You remind me of myself 5 years ago! This post just jumped out at me. I’m now 22, have 3 offices, 13 staff and we just won a prestigious award. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Have a goal and go for it!

Turning 18 is the biggest milestone. You can get credit cards, legally sign for things and have some impact on others. I’m not legally supposed to provide financial advice but read between the lines with the credit card idea! Don’t borrow from your folks unless you have too. Thats your backup plan! its also nice to know you did it yourself without “daddys money” so to speak.

When i was your age i thought i knew everything. Turns out i knew a bit, but surely not everything. Took me a whlie to learn exactly what i wanted and that it wasn’t all about being a millionaire by 21! Be really careful with consultants if you hire one. One of the best things my dad told me was an experience he had with the bank. He got signed up for a loan and was informed he would only have to pay $x per week. He got a statement a year later and found out he had only paid a tiny amount of his original loan. He was furious. He asked to speak to the manager. The bank manager of the pulled him aside and said “i didn’t tell you this but the bank is a business. We do what is in our interest, not yours.”

Sure, there are plenty of very nice and trust worthy people around but just be careful and do your homework. Lots of research and lots of questions get you places. Outsource the things you cannot do yourself and make sure you have a get up and go attitude.

If you’re planning a web business. BE CAREFUL! Make sure you have a very unique product or make sure your company has a point of difference. Use the Google Keyword tool (simply google “keyword tool” – its the first link) to research to see if there is a market for your product. Email me if you need some explanations.

Remember, lots of questions! using these forums are a great start!